Establish a Company

For foreigners who are self-employed in Serbia, we can register an entrepreneurial agency or store, in the Business Registers Agency (APR) within a day without the presence of a foreigner.


What does it take to get you a company for one day?


  • The foreigner should provide us with the data, on the basis of which we form the authority.
  • We send the authority to the foreigner via e-mail.
  • The foreigner personally signs the authority and certifies it in the country in which he / she lives.
  • Original authenticated and signed authorization is sent by mail.
  • Our agency submits a request for the establishment of the company to the Business Registers Agency, which will register the company for two working days from the submission of the request.
  • After that, a foreigner should come to Belgrade for a day to sign documents for opening a bank account and signing documentation for the Tax Administration.


These procedures take 1 day.