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    What should a foreign citizen be aware of when entering Serbia?

    When entering Serbia, it is necessary for the foreigners passport to be officially stamped by the border police once entering the country. If however, the stamp/seal has not been placed - it is very important that the citizen leaves the country and re-enters once again in order to acquire the required seal. A seal is necessary in order to provide the foreign citizen with the white card (use another term), upon which the basis of it will be the residence visa.

    Once the foreign citizen rents an appartment, the owner of the property is obigated to report the foreign citizen to the police station within the district the property is located on. This act should be completed within the first 24 hours of the foreigners entering of the country. What the foreigner can do is provide an authorized person the power of attorney to fill in the clients place. What happens at the police station is the following... The owner of the appartment/authorized person with the power of attoreny is obligated to provide the station with 1. A filled White Card Application Form 2. Enclosed the passport of the foreign citizen 3. Proof of property ownership If however the foreigner chooses to stay at a hotel - the hotel is then in obligation to report the foreigner in question to the police station.

    Parents and Visa

    Why are the parents unable to obtain a residence visa on the grounds of their child having one or any of the serbian student related visa? If the child is studying in Serbia, how can the parent recieve a visa?

    Amount of money

    How much funds is required to be on the account of the foreign citizen while applying for a visa? Are there different amounts for different duration's?

    Different City Rules

    Why apply different application rules to different cities?


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